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Prominent Dance Hall Operator and original owner/builder of the Surf Ballroom, Carl J Fox, lived across the street from the Surf Ballroom for many years until his passing in 1966. He built the house in 1948 out of necessity-the Fox family was living above the original Surf Ballroom at the time of the devastating fire that claimed the structure on April 20, 1947. The home remained in the Fox family until 2017, when purchased by the Snyder family of Clear Lake.

Lovingly restored, this vintage home features many unique furnishings and characteristics. Much like the Surf Ballroom, it is as though time stood still in the home – many artifacts having remained here throughout the years, giving visitors a glimpse of life in the 1940s and 1950s.

Tours of the Fox House are available by appointment only. Make it a full Surf experience with a Deluxe Tour, which includes: Surf Ballroom tour, an exclusive tour video, a walking visit to the Three Star’s Plaza, and a look inside the historic Fox House.


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The Fox House